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The Town of Mesilla would like to extend a very big thank you to our local businesses for their generosity throughout the year and most especially during the holiday season! It is with their assistance that we are able to share some holiday cheer to our residents and their families! 

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Members of the Mesilla fire department Eric Miller, Leonidas Somalakis, Mathew Rivera, Lasette Gamboa, Humberto Manriquez, Aaron Cruz and Kevin Hoban, take a photo with Santa and his trusty pony, Friday, Dec. 9, on the Plaza in Mesilla when the town held its annual Christmas tree lighting.


Although the town of Mesilla, in Southern New Mexico, is home to a mere 2,196 people, it’s a fascinating place to visit. Here you’ll find well-preserved architecture, history worth delving into, and high quality restaurants. See what this quintessential New Mexican town has to offer.

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The Fountain Theatre, 2469 Calle de Guadalupe, has been a Mesilla staple for 27 years, giving a venue to independent and art house films that might not get top billing. It also binds a community with a group of dedicated volunteers who strive to create an experience that goes beyond binging and streaming — prevalent in the blockbuster-thirsty industry. To hear their stories, I went for a tour of the theatre on a Wednesday night.

Rob Felt, president of the Mesilla Valley Film Society, greeted me and showed me around. The MVFS organizes the programming and volunteering at the Fountain Theatre, but the location is an entity unto itself. The boards creak and shift, the murals on the walls of a desert setting are aging, and the seats are well-worn. There is more than just subtle charm to the ambience that enhances the film-watching experience.

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