You’ll Never Run Out Of Things To Do In This Tiny New Mexico Town

Although the town of Mesilla, in Southern New Mexico, is home to a mere 2,196 people, it’s a fascinating place to visit. Here you’ll find well-preserved architecture, history worth delving into, and high quality restaurants. See what this quintessential New Mexican town has to offer.

Mesilla has an unusual history. When the Treaty of Hidalgo ended the Mexican-American War in 1848, the border was moved. Those wishing to continue being Mexican citizens established Mesilla, just south of the new border. However, the 1853 Gadsden Purchase returned Mesilla to the United States, so the town’s inhabitants ended up becoming U.S. citizens anyway.

While there are more than enough activities to keep you occupied in Mesilla, the town is located about three miles away from Las Cruces, the second-largest city in our state. We dare you to be bored here!

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