Public Works Department

Mission: Dedicated to the public service of Mesilla residents.   The Public Works Department is in charge of maintaining and improving municipal parks, buildings and infrastructure of the Town. The maintenance division responsibilities consist of the Town Hall, Mesilla Plaza and Community Center buildings. Activities of this division include the maintenance, repair and preservation of these buildings and surrounding municipal grounds.   The water operations consist of two ground water wells, a one million-gallon storage tank, and over 800 service connections. Activities of this division include the operation, maintenance, and repair of the water production and distribution system.  The Town entered into a Wastewater Agreement with the City of Las Cruces. The agreement provides for the collection and treatment of wastewater discharged from Mesilla residents.

Public Works Department Head: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - (575) 524-3262 


2014 Consumer Confidence Report

2014 Water Audit & Meter Management Study

University Boulevard Corridor Study

2017 Asset Management Plan

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